More Bluebike Stations for High-Need Areas

Committee:  StreetSmarts

Cost:  $180,000

Location:  Riverside and Cambridgeport

Short Description:  Install 3 new Bluebike stations in Riverside and Cambridgeport, areas that are underserved by the current network. 

Long Description:

Bluebike is a bike sharing network owned by Cambridge, Boston, Brookline, and Somerville. This project would install 3 Cambridge-owned stations in Riverside and Cambridgeport, neighborhoods with a high demand for bike sharing.

Currently, there are no Bluebike stations on Western Ave. or River St. According to data collected from Bluebike’s “Where do you want bike share?” page (, there is a high demand for Bluebikes near Hoyt Field, Alberico Park, and Riverside Press Park. The location for these 3 stations will be determined in consultation with city staff.

Adding these Bluebike stations would facilitate transportation for residents along Western Ave. and River St., two important corridors. It would make it easier for residents to access and enjoy the aforementioned parks. The shopping center on River St. and Putnam Ave. is also a popular destination. These stations are also near affordable housing. The stations would also ease the demand at the Bluebike station at 115 Putnam Ave, which is the only station nearby.

A Blue Bikes docking station

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