Volunteer for Participatory Budgeting!

Participatory Budgeting is made possible by volunteer community members that contribute to the process! Join the Participatory Budgeting email list to stay updated on upcoming volunteer opportunities for PB.


Volunteer PB Delegates

PB Delegates are essential to Participatory Budgeting. Volunteering is a great opportunity to become a community leader, develop team-building skills, get to know your neighbors, learn about Cambridge, and help make your city a better place. 

From October 2023 - February 2024, 70+ PB Delegates worked in four committees to research, assess, and prioritize all of the submitted ideas and ultimately develop the final proposals for the March 2024 PB ballot. Read the PB10 Budget Delegate Guide to find out more about the proposal development process. 


Sign-ups to become a PB Delegate are closed for the PB10 cycle. If you are interested in becoming a PB delegate in future cycles, please sign up for our PB email list HERE to receive future volunteer and PB information.