Applications to be a volunteer Budget Delegate for the 2021 eighth Participatory Budgeting cycle (PB8) are open!

To volunteer as a Budget Delegate, click HERE!

Serving as a Budget Delegate requires a significant time commitment from August through October, and a smaller time commitment in mid to late November. Please review the schedule below to decide whether this role is right for you.

Budget Delegate Schedule:

  • Budget Delegate Orientation: Tuesday, August 3 from 6-8 pm, Location TBD. Learn more about the process, choose your committee, and meet your teammates and facilitator.
  • Weekly Committee meetings: Budget Delegate Committees will meet weekly from mid-August through late October to review, research and prioritize ideas. Committees don’t have to meet every single week, but 6-8 2-hour meetings will likely be necessary to meet objectives. Budget Office staff will help find meeting space.
  • Speed Consultations with City staff: We will organize two in-person consultations with City staff, one in early September and one in late September/early October, at City Hall. Think of it as Department speed dating – Budget Delegates will move around the room talking with and asking questions of various department reps. Budget Office staff will help coordinate communication with departments outside of these consultations as well.
  • Delegates submit Proposal Shortlist to Budget Office: Tuesday October 19 by 5pm. Delegates do not need to meet while City staff are evaluating proposals. City staff will provide final feedback and cost estimates to Delegates by 5pm on Wednesday November 10.
  • Delegates submit final ballot text to Budget Office: Thursday November 18 by 5pm.
  • PB Vote week: Friday December 3 – Sunday December 12. Tell your friends to vote!
  • PB Vote Results Party: Tuesday December 14 from 6-7pm. Find out which projects won $1,000,000 in funding!


To volunteer for the PB Outreach Team, click HERE!

The Cambridge Budget Office is seeking volunteers to serve on the PB8 Outreach Team to help ensure that the PB8 process engages as many community members as possible. Outreach volunteers will assist in the Idea Collection and Voting phases of the PB8 cycle (July, and November-December 2021) by:

  • Organizing community events and promoting PB through your networks and social media
  • Attending monthly outreach check-in sessions in July, November, and December
  • Distributing PB flyers, posters, and PB materials around Cambridge
  • Setting up and/or volunteering for at least two idea collection events in July
  • Setting up and/or volunteering for at least three voting events in December
  • Working in mobile voting teams during Vote Week in December to increase voter turnout
  • Recruiting volunteers to serve as Budget Delegates


If you are interested in serving on the PB Cambridge Outreach Team, please sign up by July 4, 2021! 


If you have any questions regarding PB volunteer opportunities please contact Jackson Price at [email protected] or 617-349-4720. Thank you for supporting Participatory Budgeting in Cambridge!