PB Vote: March 22-28, 2015

How would you use $500,000 to improve Cambridge?

If you're a Cambridge resident 12 years of age or older, YOU can VOTE on how to spend $500,000 from the City's Capital Budget.  

Projects on the ballot will be for capital improvements related to:

  • Culture & Community Facilities
  • Environment, Public Health & Public Safety
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Streets & Sidewalks 

Each resident will get to vote for 5 projects on the ballot. You don't have to do the math or make sure that your choices add up to less than $500,000 - you just have to pick the 5 projects that you support the most!

Residents can vote online, as long as you have a cell phone that can receive text messages.  Online voting is text message authenticated.  This means that you will enter your cell phone number online, we will text you a code, and then you can enter that code online for one-time access to the ballot.  The online ballot is available in English and Spanish.

Please remember that only Cambridge residents age 12 and up can vote.

Click here to vote online!

If you prefer to vote in person, please see below for information on voting dates and locations.  Paper ballots at these events will be available in English, Haitian Creole, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish.


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