E-cargo Bikes for Watering Trees

Committee: Environment

Cost: $25,000

Location: City-Wide

Short Description: E-cargo bikes help City staff maintain our urban canopy. During droughts and heat waves, E-cargo bikes transport equipment across Cambridge to water trees. Purchasing three new E-cargo bikes would expand the City’s ‘water-by-bike’ program.

Long Description: Climate change has brought frequent droughts and higher temperatures to Cambridge. Therefore, it is important to maintain the existing trees and future plantings by providing a solution for adequately watering trees around Cambridge.

Each summer, DPW hires college students to water trees. They use E-cargo bikes to transport equipment and ride around the city to water trees. This program has been extremely successful in protecting our urban canopy and has improved the City’s weekly tree watering capacity. Three additional bikes would help this vital program to grow.

An electric bike with a large storage compartment between the handlebars and the front wheel.


Installation Updates: Four e-bikes were purchased during the summer of 2023, and they were used for watering trees throughout the end of the watering season!