More Outdoor Public Wi-fi

Committee: Community Resources

Cost:  $100,000

Location: Clement Morgan Park

Short Description: Add outdoor public Wi-Fi to Clement Morgan Park near Central Square. This proposal will further advance equitable internet access to Cambridge residents.

Long Description: Not all Cambridge residents can easily access wi-fi for everyday activities. According to Cambridge's digital equity study, 24% of residents with a household income less than $100,000 lack home internet service, and may rely on library and public park wi-fi for internet access. By adding outdoor wi-fi to Clement Morgan Park, the city will further build on previous initiatives that have added wi-fi to parks and libraries, and provide easily accessible wi-fi to more residents. Clement Morgan Park's proximity to Central Square, an area of high traffic, and its central location in The Port, make it accessible to a large number of residents and visitors. Students who frequent the park will be able to use the internet to do homework. Additionally, parents can access learning activities and digital content for their children, and view community resources. By continuing to improve public access to the internet with projects like this, Cambridge can work towards being a model for how cities can make digital resources available for all its residents.

A small antenna protruding from the side of the building near the roofline.

A path leading through a park, with tables, seating areas, and a water fountain.