We Need More Crosswalks


Committee: Streetsmarts

Cost: $40,000

Location: Major streets with long intervals between crosswalks.

Short Description:

To enhance pedestrian safety and follow MassDOT recommendations, this project will add a minimum of five new crosswalks to major streets.

Long Description:

Cambridge may be one of the country’s most walkable cities, but our extremely high volume of vehicular traffic means that many of our existing streets and roads must be upgraded to ensure pedestrian safety and to align with MassDOT recommendations. This project will improve walkability and make streets safer for both pedestrians and drivers.

A minimum of five new crosswalks on major streets will shorten the intervals between crosswalks and improve pedestrian access. More crosswalks will improve pedestrian safety and discourage risky jaywalking.

Possible locations for these new crosswalks include Hampshire between Portland and Bristol Streets, and Massachusetts Avenue between Harvard and Porter Squares. Locations will be determined based on DOT recommendations and safety metrics. This project will improve walkability and quality of life by making streets safer.

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