New Musical Instruments for CRLS

Committee: Youth & Technology

Cost: $200,000

Location: Cambridge Rindge and Latin School

Short Description: New music instruments for CRLS would encourage and support arts education for Cambridge students. Newer equipment at the high school would not only benefit high school students but middle school students as well.

Long Description: Students who elect to play instruments at the high school level are forced to play with the same broken down, decades old instruments that they used during middle school. Students at the high school level are more than responsible enough to play intermediate level instruments and should have better quality instruments with which to practice their craft.

Currently, the condition of instruments in CRLS is very poor because most of the instruments were acquired used in the first place. There is also shortage of instruments in the K-5 grade level. Many kids are unable to take instruments home and must share them. Purchasing new musical instruments for the high school would help alleviate the shortage of equipment because it would allow more instruments to be distributed towards the lower class grades.

Funding would be used to update the piano lab, where all pianos are over 15 years old; update the strings and band departments by purchasing more of the larger instruments; update the electronic equipment and instruments needed for big band and jazz ensembles; and update classroom and production equipment for the vocal program. This idea would have a significant impact at all levels of the school system and merits your consideration for our students and all who love music!

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