Upgrade the Gately Youth Center

Committee: Youth & Technology

Cost: $100,000

Location: Gately Youth Center

Short Description: The Gately Youth Center is in need of an upgrade. Updating the furniture and music studio as well as renovating the kitchen would bring more youth and foster stronger community at the center.

Long Description: Youth make up a significant part of the Cambridge population and redoing the Gately Youth Center is a way to support them. Youth centers supply their members with all of their needed resources: shelter, food, help with homework, etc. It is therefore important to ensure that the needs of the young people are met.

Renovating and replacing equipment and areas at Gately will ease the experiences of the staff and youth who use it. One example of an area which needs improvement is the kitchen. Cooking is something done at Gately every day, but the limited space and worn out appliances make the activity difficult. Many teens go to Gately and its renovation would impact them greatly.

The City estimates that the kitchen renovation would cost approximately $20,000 and that upgrading existing music/editing space with new equipment and replacing large furniture would cost approximately $80,000.





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  • Marian Moskowitz
    commented 2017-12-01 18:37:13 -0500
    Gately is the best. My daughter Maya has grown so much there. It is a safe place for city kids to go after school which is great for working families who need a good space for their children to thrive.
  • Willie Boag
    commented 2017-11-27 17:38:16 -0500
    Are there estimates of impact and/or measures of success? Since our resources are limited, I want to have a sense that the projects I vote for are able to either really strong benefit some lives, improve the lives of many, or both.