Additional Supplies for Unhoused Residents

Committee: Community Resources

Cost: $50,000

Location: Citywide.

Short Description: Deliver critical supplies to unhoused residents through established programs, including items such as socks, hats, gloves, hand warmers, feminine hygiene products, and other items to assist people living in unsheltered situations.

Long Description: The 2023 Point in Time survey counted 74 individuals sleeping outdoors in Cambridge in unsheltered situations including parks, sidewalks, train stations, cars and other places not meant for human habitation. This proposal will assist in distributing critical supplies to residents in unsheltered situations through multiple partners and service settings, including the Multi-Service Center and street outreach teams. The City anticipates that the budget will allow for distribution of supplies throughout multiple seasons.


Cambridge outreach team members holding up supplies used in resource kits for unhoused residents.