Expand Access to Veterinary Care for Seniors and Low-Income Communities

Committee: Community Resources

Cost: $200,000

Location: Low-income housing, senior living facilities, and other areas of need.

Short Description: Improve access to veterinary care for residents with financial and mobility difficulties. This proposal will provide free check-ups, vaccine clinics, pet grooming, dental care, and mobile van services for three years.

Long Description: Pets are an important part of our families, but the high cost of their routine care often prevents many owners from taking them to see a veterinarian or receiving other services as often as recommended. This can lead to pet owners delaying care, which can result in more expensive costs in the long run. This project is aimed at improving accessibility to pet care and reducing the financial burden on pet owners. Our goal is to provide free pet care to those who need it most, including individuals on fixed incomes, the elderly, the disabled, and low-income individuals. Additionally, transportation is often an issue for pet owners, and this proposal aims to bring these services directly into the communities. This requires collaboration with Animal Control, CHA, and other animal professionals to bring licensed veterinarians, technicians, and groomers to focus on basic animal care and create a comfortable and safe environment. Animal professionals will provide routine check-ups, vaccinations, dental care, and grooming, all for free! 

The CatMobile: low-cost pet spay/neuter/vaccination clinic run by Cambridge Animal Control department.