Extend Weekend Hours at War Memorial Pools

Committee: Facilities, Parks, and Recreation

Cost: $50,000

Location: War Memorial Recreation Center.

Short Description: Expand swim hours on weekends at the War Memorial pools for three years. Saturday evenings would open an hour later, and Sunday mornings would open an hour earlier. This proposal will fund the operating expenses for extended swimming time.

Long Description: Public pools are closed for most of the day and most of the year. By expanding existing public swim hours at the indoor War Memorial Pools, more Cambridge residents will be able to access the pool year-round. Some of the benefits of expanding the city’s indoor swimming schedule could be to bring back a popular adult lap swim time that was suspended due to COVID-19 lockdowns and increase the availability of recreational swimming for all ages. As temperatures rise, pools provide an accessible way to stay cool for most of the year.  Additionally, keeping the pools open for longer in the winter will increase the availability of recreational facilities at a time when most outdoor facilities are closed. Swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the United States and is not only a whole-body workout but is also an accessible sport for people with injuries, arthritis, and other conditions. Swimming can decrease the risk of chronic illness and improve health for people with diabetes and heart disease as well as improve mental health. Expanding swimming hours will ensure that a wider demographic of Cambridge residents can visit the War Memorial Pools and access the many benefits of swimming! Funds will cover at least one extra hour of public swimming time year-round through 2027 at the indoor War Memorial Pools. They will pay for wages for lifeguards, other staff, and other operating costs. See the current swim hours at War Memorial pools here.


The diving well, lap pool, and kiddie pool at the War Memorial Recreation Center.