Expand Access to Free Public Wi-Fi in Inman Square

Committee: Community Resources

Cost: $75,000

Location: Alfred Vellucci Plaza in Inman Square.

Short Description: Expand internet access by installing free public Wi-Fi in Mayor Alfred Vellucci Plaza in Inman Square. This proposal will further advance equitable internet access to Cambridge residents.

Long Description: Providing access to free public Wi-Fi is very popular in Cambridge. In a survey conducted as part of the digital equity study, over 50% of respondents agreed that the internet should be widely available to more residents. Moreover, expanding access to the internet has been popular among Participatory Budget (PB) proposals in recent years including one proposal in PB9 for free Wi-Fi at Clement Morgan Park, in PB7 which approved proposals for hotpots at the main library and the community learning center, and in PB5 to provide outdoor Wi-Fi at a few Cambridge parks and youth centers. Currently Harvard and Kendall Squares have access to free Wi-Fi and free Wi-Fi is being installed at the Carl Barron Plaza in Central Square. This proposal would expand that to provide access to free Wi-Fi in Inman Square.  


Alfred Vellucci Plaza in Inman Square.