Add and Maintain Bike Repair Stations

Committee: Transportation, Streets, and Sidewalks

Cost: $85,000

Location: To be determined based on need and impact assessments.

Short Description: Bike repair stations need to be fixed around the City and need a program for routine maintenance. This project will create that three-year program and expand usable tools by installing five additional stations, ensuring tools are available for all.

Long Description: For bikers who do not own bike repair tools, or those who encounter a problem with their bike while out riding, bike repair stations are a great resource. Bike stations were initially created because of the 2014-15 PB Cycle. However, having only eight stations in a city as large as Cambridge, with so many bikers traveling within and through, is insufficient. This proposal would aim to add five additional stations throughout Cambridge. Bike repair stations also need to be maintained on a regular schedule to ensure that they are working properly. Bike repair stations need to be a dependable resource, and all too often the stations are missing tools or the air pump is not working. PB funds will cover routine maintenance of bike repair stations to ensure their consistent functionality.

New and improved bike repair stations.