Smart Recycling and Trash Compactors

Committee: Environment

Cost: $120,000

Location: To be determined based on need and impact assessments.

Short Description: Add 15 rodent-resistant, no-touch recycling and trash compactors in Cambridge. "Big Belly" bins keep the City cleaner, reduce the rodent population, and increase recycling.

Long Description: This proposal will increase the number of Big Belly smart trash bins throughout the city. They are hands-free and can compact a large amount of waste. These bins will be placed in highly trafficked public areas. Increasing the number of Big Belly bins will remove easy access to a major food source for rodents. They are securely closed and can only be accessed by a foot pedal or your hands. These trash bins will help in lowering the rodent populations and keep Cambridge clean.


BigBelly trash and recycling compactors in a Cambridge park.