How much money is Cambridge setting aside and what can it be used for?


The City is setting aside $2 million of the FY25 budget for the 10th PB cycle. Projects are eligible for funding if they meet the following criteria:

  • Benefit the public.
  • Cost $2 million or less.
  • If capital project:
    • One-time expenditure
    • On City-owned property
      • Projects on CHA, DCR, and MBTA property are not eligible.
  • If operating project:
    • Fixed project duration (up to 3 years)
  • Consistent with existing City policies
  • Implemented by the City of Cambridge
  • Implemented after July 1, 2024 (the start of the next fiscal year)

Before being submitted to the public vote, all projects must be approved by City staff to ensure they meet the requisite need, impact, and feasibility criteria, and that they meet all legal requirements of capital and operating projects.