Current PB Cycle

The City of Cambridge has launched the 10th cycle of Participatory Budgeting (PB). From September 11, 2023 through October 9, 2023, Cambridge residents submitted over 1,000 ideas for how they believe PB could best support improving their communities. 

The City will allocate a record-high $2 million for this year’s process, which doubles the previous budget of $1 million. The types of projects eligible for funding this fiscal year will be expanded to include capital and operating projects. Winning projects from past PB cycles have included youth center upgrades, electric vehicle charging stations, solar panels for the Main Library, laundry access in public schools, and many others.


PB10 Timeline


From October 2023 through January 2024, volunteer PB Delegates have been researching all submitted project ideas and developing the final proposals for the PB ballot. From March 7-17, 2024, all Cambridge residents ages 12 and older, regardless of citizenship status, will be eligible to vote for their favorite projects and decide how to spend $2 million of the City’s Budget.  

We are currently still in the proposal development phase, where our PB Delegates have written up a shortlist of proposals for City staff to review in preparation for putting them on the ballot for our city-wide PB vote.

If you are interested in getting involved with the PB process, visit our volunteer page to read about our volunteer opportunities. 



Cycle 10 Resources

For a deeper look into our current PB cycle, take a look at our additional resources linked below.                                  

PB Idea Map

PB Delegate Guidebook

Click the image above to view all ideas collected for PB10. Click the image above to view the PB Delegate guidebook, which provides a detailed overview of the proposal development process.