Wireless Speakers for Youth Centers ($25,000)

Cambridge Youth Centers

Adding wireless surround sound speakers to the youth centers benefits young people doing homework, playing basketball and other activities. Bringing music to the youth centers will bring more youth to these centers. 

This project would add wireless surround sound speakers to all five youth centers so that young people can use them while playing basketball, doing homework, and hanging out. Music is really important to young people, so students at the five youth centers in Cambridge would benefit from an improved sound system.   

 At Best Buy and similar stores, surround sound speakers range from $1,500-$5,000. The City estimates that $5,000 per youth center should cover the cost of one speaker system and technical assistance to get the speakers up and running.   

All of the surround sound speakers have Bluetooth so that computers, phones, and tablets are compatible.  Most surround sound speakers come with an auxiliary cord plug so people could use that instead of Bluetooth if necessary.


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