Traffic Signals for Cyclists

Committee: StreetSmarts

Cost: $60,000

Location: Dangerous intersections on major streets.

Short Description: Navigating intersections can be dangerous while riding a bike. Adding bike signals to busy intersections that already have traffic signals will help cyclists safely cross intersections at a reasonable cost to the city.

Long Description:

Navigating street traffic can be confusing or frustrating for everyone, especially for people riding bikes. On large streets with multiple lanes of car traffic, there is always more congestion and more waiting time. Cyclists are sometimes uncertain when it is safe to proceed. This is especially the case at highly transited intersections in Cambridge’s various squares, where vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians meet.

Bike signals would benefit all members of the community by making intersections safer and more intuitive to use. Bike signals will reduce uncertainty and make intersections safer for everyone who uses the roadways.

The city will install bike signals at intersections in different locations throughout the city depending on need. Bike signals would be placed along corridors with existing or proposed separated bicycle lanes. Bike signals would make it clear to all users of the road when it is safe for bicycles to cross an intersection, improving intersection safety for all users.

  • Matthew Nelson
    published this page in PB Cycle 8 2021-12-01 16:52:04 -0500