Basketball Court Upgrade

Committee: Youth

Location: To be determined by need and impact assessments. Recommendations include Hoyt Field, Columbia Park, Dana Park, Peabody, Riverside.

Cost: $250,000

Short Description: Upgrade one outdoor basketball court with new flooring, pro basketball hoops (adjustable & single rimmed), and fresh paint.

Long Description:

Upgrading the basketball courts in Cambridge would benefit the community because a large part of Cambridge is made up of people that enjoy playing Basketball. Many people in the city have grown up on the courts, playing during their free time or in leagues. However, due to high usage, many of the basketball courts need upgrades, including the basketball courts at Hoyt Field and Columbia Park. Basketball players would like nice, smooth, and professional looking courts, and the current courts need upgrading to meet this standard. For this project, we would like to upgrade the court’s flooring, install adjustable basketball hoops, include seating as well as integrate equipment that would improve the ability to coach games. Having these upgrades will allow for more people to use and access the courts. Moreover, a portion of the people that like to play have jobs or attend school so they can’t play until later in the day when the sun goes down. Due to this constraint, it is essential to install lights to courts in Cambridge. The City should try to install lights above courts when possible, or lighting on the ground to light up the court from below. These changes would have a profound impact to the lives of many young Cantabrigians, who during the spring, summer, and fall months play in leagues and after school.


  • Matthew Nelson
    published this page in PB Cycle 8 2021-12-01 16:49:51 -0500