Bus Shelter Monitors with Real Time Arrival ($30,000)

Inman Square

Install 2 real time bus arrival monitors with digital displays at the bus shelters at Cambridge Street & Hampshire Street and Cambridge Street & Inman Street.

Real time bus arrival monitors with digital displays at bus shelters let everyone know when the bus is coming. This is critical information because buses are often late and not everyone owns a smartphone. Real time arrival monitors allow people to budget their time and will enhance the use of public transportation. We chose Inman Square to be a pilot project for the city. It is the only major commercial square without a T stop. This will serve people who are frustrated with late buses as well as those who do not have smartphones.




  • Owen Sanderson
    commented 2015-03-22 15:33:32 -0400
    Would this be a pilot project — with the hope of unrolling similar monitors at other bus stations throughout the city?
  • Phineas Baxandall
    commented 2015-03-21 23:55:31 -0400
    It helps to know when the bus is coming. The monitor lets you know whether there is time to walk to the next stop, or grab a quick cup of coffee. And academic studies show people experience the wait to have been less when they have more feeling of control.