13. Wellington-Harrington Community Garden

Committee: Environment, Health & Safety

Cost: $100,000

Location: Location to be determined through a community process

Short Description: The Wellington-Harrington neighborhood is full of gardeners but has no community gardens. Let’s support our neighbors’ desire to bring a community garden to Wellington-Harrington. They’ve organized, we’ve listened - let’s make it happen!

Long Description: The Wellington-Harrington neighborhood, north of Area IV and west of East Cambridge, is one of the few areas of the city lacking a community garden. Waiting lists exist at other gardens, so these residents are not likely to find available plots elsewhere. A small, City-owned lot between Windsor Street and Webster Avenue, bordered by Lincoln Street on the north and a private residence on the south, provides an ideal location, and has been offered to a neighborhood group with a well-thought-out proposal to transform it into a wonderful, cooperative community garden, providing resources to grow food while cultivating community partnerships and relationships. There will be approximately 20 raised garden plots and volunteers will take turns providing maintenance and watering the plants. There will also be space to rest, a bike repair stand, fresh water, and other neighborhood resources.

Help turn this:


Into a thriving garden like these:



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