Wayfinding Banners - Neighborhood & Commercial Identity ($15,600)

13 City Profile Areas of Cambridge

Hang banners in 13 strategic high-traffic, high-density business and neighborhood areas to identify commercial and/or neighborhood-specific local areas in Cambridge. This would support commerce, diversity, and neighborhood integrity.

This proposal arrived at one of the very first community meetings where citizen input strongly and unanimously agreed on the need to preserve neighborhood identity. Participants also discussed the promotion and awareness of the many neighborhood commercial areas as one can easily pass by in a cross-town commute. Wayfinding banners will help to distinguish locations for the community and its visitors.

Discussion and input for design for locations include the 13 neighborhoods defined in the Community Development Department’s “Cambridge Neighborhoods” map (see image), or “C2, H2, I1, K2, P2, East Cambridge, Huron Village, North Point, Observatory Hill, and Wellington Harrington.”

Design and installation of each banner is estimated at $200. 6 banners per area for 13 areas comes to $15,600 total for this project.

banner1.png     banner2.png       banner3.png  


  • Jacob Henebry
    commented 2015-03-24 13:40:25 -0400
    How does this cost over 15,000 dollars?
  • Lee Farris
    commented 2015-03-23 15:24:17 -0400
    Ideas were submitted online by individuals and in in-person group meetings. The ideas were then combined and whittled down by “budget delegates,” who worked in teams to create detailed proposals with cost estimates from the city. None of the proposals have an individual’s name.
  • Thelma Rittenhouse
    commented 2015-03-20 07:39:05 -0400
    This looks like a proposal from the Economic Development Dept. Why isn’t source identified?