Water Bottle Filling Stations for the Major Squares ($150,000)

Committee: Environment

Project Title: Water Bottle Filling Stations for the Major Squares

Cost: $150,000

Location: Major squares

Short Description: Provide free, clean water in the major squares. Water foundations and bottle filling stations are a healthy option for hydration without disposable water bottles while reducing plastic waste.

Long Description: 

Many residents drink our clean, safe Cambridge water in their homes and businesses. However, this water is not generally accessible outside. Water fountains and bottle fill stations will make water more accessible in public areas, enabling people to drink more water while purchasing fewer disposable bottles. This will allow all Cambridge residents and visitors--in particular, our most vulnerable populations--access to free, clean, healthy water. 

Drinking water is beneficial to overall health and can help with managing body weight and preventing dehydration. Tap water has many benefits compared to bottled water; not only does more than half of bottled water come from tap water, tap water is tested more frequently. Bottles are a major source of pollution, and bottled water is nearly 2,000 times more expensive than tap water. Therefore, the Cambridge Public Health Department’s Community Health Improvement Plan aims to increase access to tap water. This project supports that goal.

Through previous PB cycles, water stations have been funded for all parks in Cambridge and are being installed during fall 2019. This project builds on that work by adding them to the major squares. As high-traffic areas for residents, workers, and visitors, water bottle filling stations can have a large impact on pollution and health in these locations.


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