Volunteer as a Budget Delegate - Decide which Projects Make it to the Ballot

Budget Delegates are essential to Participatory Budgeting. Volunteering as a Budget Delegate is a great opportunity to become a community leader, develop teambuilding skills, get to know your neighbors, build your resume, and help make your city a better place.

Budget Delegates will take all of the ideas submitted by the community in August and will work during the fall to research, assess, and prioritize those ideas and determine which ones will be developed into full proposals for the public vote in December.

Read what one former Budget Delegate had to say about his experience this spring:

"After learning about Cambridge’s first Participatory Budgeting Program, I was eager to share my thoughts and enthusiasm to help make our city a better place.  I served on the Parks and Recreation team, working with fellow neighbors and eager volunteers from all corners of the city.  The program allowed us to better understand the City’s current public resources, consider creative and innovative ideas for improving it, and decide what would best serve the needs of as many residents as possible.

Our effort and dedication led to the approval of a plan to improve public access to information and the internet through the installation of public wireless ("WiFi") hotspots in several places in the city.  The program connected neighbors from all over the city and allowed us to make swift and lasting, positive impact.  I am eager to learn what great new ideas will continue to improve Cambridge and would encourage residents to volunteer in the Participatory Budgeting Program."

- Harvey Zeytuntsyan, PB1 Budget Delegate, Parks & Recreation Committee

Click here to find out more and to sign up to volunteer as a Budget Delegate! 

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