19. Volleyball Court at Danehy Park

Committee: Parks, Recreation & Education

Cost: $61,000

Location: Danehy Park

Short Description: Creating an outdoor volleyball court would be an exciting addition to the city, especially since there is not currently an outdoor court in all of Cambridge! The court would have sand and a sturdy net for three-season usage.

Long Description: There isn't a public volleyball court in the whole city. Volleyball is a huge sport in Cambridge. There are adult volleyball leagues in Cambridge, including the Cambridge Boston Volleyball Association, six teams at the high school, four middle school campuses, and all those who want to play recreationally. People who want to play for recreational use cannot easily do so, because the various school gyms around the city are reserved for leagues and school teams.

The proposed location for this project is Danehy Park since there is a wide range of space throughout the park, but we are also open to a different location if applicable. The proposed court would be sand and would be a permanent part of the park, so it can be enjoyed for three seasons! This benefits the whole community, because it is would be a welcoming court for all to use.

volley1.png  volley2.png

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    19. Volleyball Court at Danehy Park