Upgrade the Moore Youth Center ($80,000)

Moore Youth Center

The Moore Youth Center is outdated compared to other youth centers. New furniture and equipment will help bring more youth to the center. 

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Wireless Speakers for Youth Centers ($25,000)

Cambridge Youth Centers

Adding wireless surround sound speakers to the youth centers benefits young people doing homework, playing basketball and other activities. Bringing music to the youth centers will bring more youth to these centers. 

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Kinetic Energy Tiles ($50,000)

Harvard Square, CRLS

Kinetic energy tiles are tiles that generate energy from your footsteps! We want to introduce these tiles into our city and get Cambridge residents involved with clean energy! These tiles can power streetlights, phones, or laptops.

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Building a Strong and Safe Bike Community ($114,000)

Main Public Library and public schools 

Cambridge has cyclists aged under 8 to 80+. To educate and protect bicyclists and bicycles, we propose safety training for grade school students, offering free helmets, and the installation of an artistic bike shelter at the main library.

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Solar Power Shines! ($260,000)

Rooftop of Main Public Library

Let’s power the public library with clean, renewable energy!  Adding solar panels to our main library will help Cambridge meet our climate goals by reducing emissions, saving money over time, and serving as an example for patrons.

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Solar-Powered Real-Time Bus Tracker Displays ($150,000)

High-use bus stops throughout Cambridge

This project proposes installing solar-powered bus tracking displays with real-time arrival information at high-use bus stops throughout the City of Cambridge.

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Safer Crosswalks for Busy Roads ($104,000)

Specific locations citywide (see full proposal)

Install flashing light signs on six crosswalks that pedestrians can activate before crossing the street. These flashing signs make drivers more aware of crossing pedestrians to help prevent crashes, especially at night. 

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Hydration Stations in Four Locations! ($37,000)

Four locations throughout Cambridge

Additional water fountains and bottle refill stations will help residents stay hydrated and reduce waste from plastic bottles! One of the new fountains will be designed to reflect Cambridge, like the artistic water fountain at Fresh Pond.

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Safe Naps for Cambridge Preschoolers! ($4,000)

King Open & Peabody Preschools, Baby U, Center for Families

New healthy PVC-free nap mats will help Cambridge preschoolers sleep safely! We will purchase 80 mats for programs still using old mats that are coated with PVC, a chemical associated with negative health effects. All kids in Cambridge preschools deserve a safe nap!

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(2-3) Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations ($30,000)

City locations

Adding electric vehicle charging stations to crowded neighborhoods without garages will send a powerful message that now is the time we can all buy electric cars.  We will reduce pollution and support a transition to clean transportation.

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