Cambridge Garden of Peace ($340,000)

An area within Riverside Press Park at River Street & Memorial Drive.

The Peace Garden memorial will include benches and stones or objects reflecting names of loved ones from Cambridge who lost their lives to violence. An area of Riverside Press Park will be transformed into a place of tranquility and reflection.


As our city continues to experience murder and other violent deaths, we need to provide a space for grieving families to gather and remember their loved ones. This site will serve as a lasting memorial garden and will be a powerful visual tribute to Cambridge residents who are victims of homicide, suicide, or accidents. Family, friends, and neighbors can reflect, remember, and memorialize loved ones from Cambridge. Stones or objects engraved with the names of victims of violence will be placed in the garden each year.

Similar to the Boston Peace Garden, trees, landscaping, and benches will enhance the area, so that those left behind will have a beautiful, safe, tranquil place to reflect and remember their loss. We propose the Peace Garden be created within Riverside Press Park at River Street and Memorial Drive. While the landscape will need to be altered somewhat, the park already provides an appropriate setting that should not require major changes. There are two possible locations. The front area which faces Memorial Drive (see first photo below) is recommended. The area in the middle of the park where there is a centerpiece made of a raised circular stone area could provide a beautiful location for the garden (see 2nd photo).


Riverside Press Park prior to the snow. Easily accessible by public buses on River Street and Western Ave.  A short walk from Central and Harvard Squares.


Riverside Press Park from the top floor of a high rise building across the street.  This picture depicts the circular area in the park, which could be used as part of the peace garden.