Let’s Play Pickleball

Committee: Facilities, Parks, and Recreation

Location: Tennis courts at Glacken Field and Hoyt Field.

Cost: $60,000 

Short Description: Let’s make the game of pickleball available to Cambridge community members at multiple locations! This proposal will add adjustable nets, regulation pickleball lines, signage, and benches to the tennis courts at Glacken Field and Hoyt Field.

Long Description: Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the country. People of all ages and athletic capabilities can play the game and have fun. This proposal aims to expand opportunities for younger and older adults to play a sport that is safe, social, and healthy.

Other communities are successfully fulfilling the growing demand for ways to learn and enjoy pickleball. At least 15 other Boston suburban communities have relined courts, created courts indoors, or built dedicated pickleball courts.

In Cambridge, the three courts in operation on Ellery Street behind the War Memorial near Joan Lorenz Park have lines and adjustable nets for pickleball. The courts are public but the priority for these courts is reserved for CRLS and City programs. While the nets are adjustable, to achieve the conditions needed for pickleball, there should be signage on how to use the system.  Additionally, they are painted with blue lines on a blue court surface and are hard to see, especially for older adults. Our proposal would create the condition to add both signage and contrasting colors to achieve a greater user experience new locations Additionally, the proposed locations offer less conflict with permitted user groups.  If enacted this proposal would enable Cambridge to expand pickleball access to more areas in the community. Pickleball supports a healthy city, let’s get Cambridge into the game!

Two pickleballs in the corner of a pickleball court with the net on the right side.