Let’s Play Chess!

Committee: Youth Committee

Cost: $35,000

Location: To be determined based on need and impact assessments.

Short Description: Install outdoor chess tables in parks, city squares, and near libraries. This project will encourage community interaction through chess, checkers, and other board games! This project will ensure that residents can borrow chess sets from public libraries.

Long Description: This project will install a number of chess tables and chairs in areas around Cambridge. Recommend sites include outside libraries, Hoyt field, Sennott Park, the Tobin school next to the basketball court, Porter Square, The Port, and East Cambridge. The aim of this project is to expand the vibrant chess community in Cambridge beyond Harvard Square to other neighborhoods in the city. With the installation of new chess tables in parks, outside libraries, and open space areas, Cambridge community members will have greater access to play chess (or checkers) in an open-air environment. Additionally, this project will ensure that chess pieces are available for borrowing from public libraries to use at park tables. Moreover, these tables and chairs can also be used for eating, writing, reading, schoolwork, and more. Help strengthen community bonds and integrational connections through board games!

Two tables with embedded chess boards in a park next to a community garden.