Expand Access to Bluebikes

Committee: Transportation Streets & Sidewalks

Cost: $175,000

Location: Areas lacking adequate Bluebikes infrastructure. 

Short Description: Install 3 new Bluebikes stations in areas of need to expand the current network. Each Bluebikes station will increase access to riders with 19 docks and 12 bikes. Vote to support affordable and sustainable transportation!

Long Description: Bluebikes are an affordable and sustainable way to travel throughout the city on a bike, without having to own one! Bluebikes is a transportation option that allows you to borrow a bike for the time you need and return it when your trip is done. Adding more stations would increase access to the service for residents. Expanded access encourages healthy and sustainable transit! Bluebikes is a low-cost bike share system, owned by Cambridge, Boston, Brookline, Somerville, Everett, and other local municipalities. Bluebikes provide an affordable and sustainable transportation option for biking in Cambridge. It allows bikes to be dropped off at a different dock for convenient one-way trips. Discounted memberships are available to Massachusetts residents who receive public assistance or meet income guidelines. New locations will be determined by location availability, access to key destinations, supply & usage data, and public requests.

A Bluebikes docking station with bikes available to rent.

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