Bike Parking and Bike Repair Stations

Committee: Transportation, Streets, and Sidewalks

Cost: $100,000

Location: To be determined based on need, impact, and space availability.

Short Description: Biking infrastructure doesn’t end with bike lanes. This project will construct a bike shelter with 20 covered spaces. Install 50 new bike racks with a capacity for 100 bikes and install 10 new bike repair stations. 

Long Description: Having a spot to park a bike is essential to ensure safety along our sidewalks. This proposal will install 50 new “ring and post” bike racks on sidewalks to allow up to 100 more bikes to park around the city. This will increase the likelihood that someone can find a safe spot to park anywhere in the City. Installation locations will prioritize playgrounds, parks, libraries, schools, bike paths, and high-traffic areas. Additionally, providing free bike repair stations will allow people to tune up their own bikes whenever they need. Having a tuned bike, including air in the tires, will make biking safer and easier.

Having access to covered bike parking is important for protecting bikes from rain and snow throughout the year. Installing a covered bike shelter will keep bikes in better shape to last longer. Lastly, adding 10 new bike repair stations throughout the city will allow more people to have access to free bike repairs at any time.

More than a dozen bikes parked at a series of three bike corrals under overhangs.

A bike repair station, with a variety of tools and a tire pump attached.

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