Basketball Renovations

Committee: Youth Committee

Cost: $275,000

Location: To be determined based on need and impact assessments.

Short Description: Basketball is a popular sport in Cambridge. Let’s improve our courts to make exercise more appealing and fun! This improvement project will resurface two neglected basketball courts, install new rims and nets, and repaint faded lines.

Long Description: This project will address one of the city's most popular places – basketball courts. These courts, due to their constant use over the years, have suffered damage to hoops, rims, and broken concrete. The project will replace the nets, which will enhance the court and the overall park that it is situated in. Recommend locations include, Corporal Burns Park, Dana Park, David Nunes Park, Glacken Field, Ahern Park, Reverend Williams Park, and Raymond Park. The pavement will be repaved to allow people to play properly, and without fear of the ball hitting a crack and causing a bad bounce, and the court will be repainted with the appropriate lines to create a more fair and equal playing experience. These improvements will not only benefit the people that play on the courts every day but also anyone who values our open spaces!

A basketball hope with the free throw line in front of it.

A basketball court, pictured from outside the fence behind one of the hoops.

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