Outdoor Volleyball Court

Committee: Facilities, Parks & Recreation.

Cost: $100,000

Location: To be determined based on need, impact, and space availability. (Proposal recommendations include: Danehy, Cambridge Common, Donnelly, or others.)

Short Description: Add an outdoor sand volleyball court to a public park.

Long Description:

There is a high demand for volleyball court facilities in Cambridge. Volleyball is a growing sport in the US. There is even a 4000+ member Boston-area volleyball meet-up group. Volleyball is a popular sport at CRLS but there is nowhere for the students to practice on their own. Some players currently use grass areas in city parks, with the Department of Recreation reporting that this does damage to the grass and requires repair. Due to the demand and lack of dedicated space, this proposal would fund an 1800 sq ft sand court (30 ft wide by 60 ft long, which includes appropriate clearance).

The City of Cambridge does not have any outdoor volleyball courts of its own. Harvard University has 2 sand courts on their campus, but they are not always available to the public. There are plenty of fields for outdoor sports, basketball courts, tennis courts, 3 outdoor pools and even a skate park! Where's volleyball?


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