Driver Speed Feedback for Safer Streets

Committee: Street Smarts

Cost:  $100,000 (Approx. 20 signs at 10 locations)

Location:  Locations will be selected for greatest impact where data indicates drivers are exceeding the speed limit.

Short Description: Purchase and install solar-powered traffic calming devices that provide real time driver feedback on the speed limit and current driving speed.

Long Description:
Many drivers unknowingly exceed the posted speed limits on Cambridge streets. Driver Feedback Signs display real-time speeds of oncoming vehicles and encourage drivers to slow down. Slower cars will help to protect pedestrians and bicyclists on heavily trafficked streets. The operating speed electronically displayed on the board is a strong visual reminder to the motorist to comply with the posted speed limit.

Speed feedback signs are an educational tool intended to promote safe and responsible driving throughout the City. The signs educate motorists on the speeds at which they are driving, as well as educate residents about the real speed of vehicles traveling through their neighborhood.

Cambridge recently installed the first of these driver feedback speed monitoring signs, including one example shown below on Concord Avenue. Funding this project will provide more of these driver feedback signs on busy streets.


A sign with a digital display indicating a car traveling at 27 MPH

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