Enhancing City Pollination Areas with Educational Displays

Committee: Environment

Cost: $10,000

Location: Bee pollinator areas and other locations as determined by City staff.

Short Description: This proposal funds educational displays on the importance of pollination for urban environmental sustainability to enhance current (and future) pollinator areas across the city.

Long Description:

The proposal is to provide educational displays at each pollinator location to educate the public about the importance of green space in city environments and the bee pollinators that help them thrive. We feel that education is particularly important for young people who will bear the burden of addressing climate change challenges in the future.

As the city tries to balance gray (development) vs green (conservation), enhancing and expanding pollinator areas represents a great opportunity to improve the environmental well-being of citizens across the city.

The city has already invested in pollination areas around the city. For these areas to thrive over time, they require pollinators such as bees, butterflies, etc. Due to the combined effects of climate change, pesticides, and loss of habitat, both hive and non-hive bee species have suffered a dramatic decline. This proposal will increase public awareness of our green spaces and the vital role that pollinators such as bees play in removing harmful carbon and particulates from the air and ensuring the resilience of our green spaces.


  • Matthew Nelson
    published this page in PB Cycle 8 2021-12-01 16:50:52 -0500