Home Essentials for Newly Housed Residents

Committee:  Community Resources

Cost: $60,000

Location: Subsidized housing units around Cambridge.

Short Description: Provide much needed supplies for previously unhoused Cambridge residents to set up their home in their new apartment. Upon leasing, these residents will receive a Home Furnishings Kit which will include bed, bath, and kitchen essentials.

Long Description:

While it is very exciting for previously unhoused individuals and families to get a new start with a subsidized unit, it is important to remember that when people lose their home, they also often lose most, or even all, of their belongings. Starting over is expensive. It can also be demoralizing to have a new place to stay, but nothing to cook, eat or shower with. Although there are a few furniture banks and other resources that assist with basic start-up furniture, free or inexpensive supplies and furnishing essentials are scarce.

A Home Furnishing Kit would address this need and include the following:

  • Bed linens and coverings for each household member
  • Towels for each household member
  • Kitchen essentials: a set of new dishes/pots and pans/utensils/ and other cooking supplies
  • Cleaning and laundry supplies such as a laundry basket, detergent, paper towels, sponges, etc.

All items in the kit would be purchased as new and distributed to previously unhoused residents who obtain subsidized housing. The project would be jointly administered by the City Manager’s Office through the Housing Liaison office and the Department of Human Service Programs Multi Service Center.

  • Matthew Nelson
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