Keep Cambridge Clean

Committee: Environment

Cost: $80,000

Location: To be determined based on need and impact.

Short Description: Install 10 touchless, pest-resistant Big Belly trash compactors in the most needed areas. Solar-powered and more efficient than traditional bins, Big Bellies will be hands-free, reduce rodent population and keep streets cleaner.

Long Description:

We propose increasing access to waste disposal receptacles known as Big Belly trash cans which are high-capacity, hands-free, software-controlled, compacting waste containers - either as additional bins or replacing open-topped waste bins in highly trafficked public areas.

Additionally, increasing the number of Big Belly trash cans will also remove a major food source for rodents: the food waste which overflows traditional trash bins. Big Belly trash receptacles are securely closed, and the contents cannot be accessed by vermin. By eliminating a major food source, these trash receptacles will contribute to the suppression of rat populations.

Upgrading or adding Big Bellies throughout the city will increase the clean waste disposal capacity of the city while also reducing rat problems. They will also lessen the City’s carbon footprint and enhance its LEED rating. The city has already selected Big Belly bins as the best fit for the city’s needs so this proposal will accelerate the rollout.


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