Public Bathroom

Committee: Community Resources

Cost: $400,000

Location: To be determined based on need, impact, and space availability

Short Description: This proposal will build a third standalone outdoor public toilet that is accessible 24 hours per day.

Long Description:

This proposal aims to fund the building of a fourth stand-alone public restroom in Cambridge. Modeled after the “Portland Loo” of Portland, Oregon, the public toilet is a simple, sturdy, graffiti-resistant, flush toilet kiosk, located on the sidewalk. It is designed with open grating that preserves privacy while discouraging vandalism, crime or “camping out” in the space. The coating on the steel wall panels makes it simple to clean with a hose, and all plumbing and building components are common and easy to replace or upgrade. The current Portland Loos in Harvard and Central Squares see a lot of use from Cambridge residents and visitors. This proposal would provide the funds for a fourth Portland Loo location, increasing the availability of publicly accessible restrooms for residents and visitors.


  • Matthew Nelson
    published this page in PB Cycle 8 2021-12-01 16:51:43 -0500