Swinging Into Inclusivity


Committee:  Facilities, Parks, and Recreation

Cost: $40,000

Location: Location TBD based on need and impact. Some ideas include adding them to school parks and public playgrounds near schools.

Short Description:

Place several inclusive swing sets in parks to allow children with mobility disabilities to play with able bodied children. This will take a stand against ableism by enabling kids of all abilities to play together.

Long Description

Easily accessible modified swing sets will allow ALL children to participate in, and enjoy playgrounds. Currently, there are very few inclusive playground amenities in Cambridge. This can cause kids to feel excluded, isolated, and different. Modified swing sets will allow children to play together regardless of mobility status. This will also foster a greater sense of community and inclusivity within our parks.

In a world designed for people without disabilities, people with disabilities are far too often asked to modify themselves or change for the benefit of everyone else. One way to reject such a viewpoint is to engage in creating inclusive swings in parks.

By telling children with disabilities that they have the right to have fun in parks, we will be showing them that they matter just as much as their able bodied peers. The inclusive swings are the first step towards closing the bridge between those with disabilities and those who don’t and allowing for a more compassionate world.

Inclusive parks will boost emotional, physical, and mental health for all children and families.


Project Updates: Inclusive swing sets have been installed at Toomey Park and Sennott Parks. Public Works is looking into using remaining funds to install additional swings at the Peabody School Playground. See below for pictures!

Swing at Sennott Park


Swing at Toomey Park

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    Love this! Thank you.
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