New Park Pavilion


Committee:  Facilities, Parks, and Recreation

Cost:  $175,000

Location:  A park in Cambridge

Short Description: 

Add a new pavilion to a Cambridge public park to allow for outdoor, covered gatherings during all types of weather.

Long Description:

Cambridge residents love enjoying the city’s many picturesque parks, but there are few options for using the parks during less hospitable weather (including intense sun). Adding covered pavilions in parks would allow residents to enjoy Cambridge’s outdoor space without being too exposed to the elements. These could also be great destinations for family outings, celebrations, and field trips.

The pavilions would have space for picnicking, setting up chairs and tables, and band performances. Their floors would have  a paved concrete, blacktop, or wooden surface, and could be built with a combination of wood, metal, and plastic/fiberglass. The pavilion construction might use reclaimed or recycled construction materials.

This is an addition to the parks which would be minimally invasive, require almost no upkeep, and could be highly versatile and appealing to all ages. In addition to being a good resource for leisure and relaxation, pavilions could also serve as a useful workspace to children looking for a place to do homework outside or local community groups and nonprofits looking for meeting space. Additionally, by providing a dedicated eating space with trash cans, they can reduce littering.





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