Who Let the Dogs Out?


Committee: Facilities, Parks, and Recreation

Cost: $20,000

Location: Two dog parks

Short Description:

Add amenities like water fountains, waste bag dispensers, and more dog-friendly environments to two dog parks around the city-- offering a safe area for dogs and their owners to play and interact with other dogs.

Long Description:

Dogs encompass a large part of the Cambridge landscape and having safe and fun locations where dogs can interact with each other and avoid encounters with non-dog-oriented people is important. Dog parks in Cambridge are ideal environments for dogs to play, have access to water, waste bags, and trash cans. In addition, many have included access to interactive amenities providing an intellectually stimulating and safe area for dogs and their owners to enjoy.

There are several parks that have not been upgraded and lack essential services or amenities, making it difficult for dog owners to safely engage with the park. This proposal would identify those dog parks where additional services are needed. This could include new water fountains to provide water for thirsty dogs and installation of waste bags and trash cans to encourage appropriate sanitary disposal of waste.

Many dog parks have multiple amenities for dogs and their owners.

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  • Ari Radcliffe
    commented 2020-12-29 17:36:38 -0500
    Will these be the biodegradable bags they have at Fresh Pond?
  • Budget Intern
    published this page in PB Cycle 7 2020-12-23 13:34:07 -0500