Traffic Calming via Speedometer Signs ($150,000)

Committee: StreetSmarts

Cost: $150,000

Location: Per the recommendation of the City staff

Short Description:  Add twenty-five speedometers (Speed Feedback Signs) where traffic calming measures are most needed based on existing traffic data and research.

Long Description:

This proposal combines many proposals to slow traffic in mostly residential areas. Speedometers (speed feedback signs) are an effective way of slowing down traffic and increasing pedestrian safety. Speedometers have the added benefit of being portable and allowing for data collection on car speeds at specific locations. Given the new 20mph speed limit for smaller streets in Cambridge, adding some of these speedometers on these streets can serve as a reminder to drivers to slow down. Adding more speedometers is a feasible undertaking, since the city is already employing speedometer signs as a traffic calming measure, and it is an effective and dynamic tool that will have a noticeable impact in reducing car speeds.


Speed Feedback

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