Pedestrian-Controlled Crosswalk Lights ($150,000)

Committee: Streetsmarts

Cost: $150,000

Location: 10 units throughout the City

Short Description: Install 10 new pedestrian-controlled crosswalk lights in high-impact locations.

Long Description:

Cambridge’s Vision Zero plan aims to eliminate all serious injuries and deaths due to traffic. Much can still be done to improve safety. In order to facilitate safe pedestrian crossing, this proposal will fund the addition of flashing crosswalk lights throughout our City, in 10 locations determined by City staff. These lights can be activated by pedestrians and alert drivers to their obligation to stop at crosswalks.


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  • Brad Kay.Goodman
    commented 2019-12-11 11:57:37 -0500
    One add for this design would be to add flashing indicator lights around the sign. Like seen at this link (note that I am not advocating for this company, they simply had the image that I wanted to share: