Connecting Face 2 Face: Video Conferencing for All

Connecting Face 2 Face: Video Conferencing for All

Committee: Facilities, Parks and Recreation

Total Cost: $50,000

Location: Main Library, Rossi and Rindge Room


Short Description:

Our public libraries have conference rooms actively used by many Cambridge groups. We can expand their use by adding video conferencing to improve the accessibility of meetings, trainings, interviews, and other conversations.


Long Description:

Our public libraries have conference rooms which are well used by many Cambridge organizations for community meetings. While nothing quite beats a face to face conversation, there are times and circumstances where this is not feasible. Enter video conferencing! In the past, proprietary room based systems were the main option, only allowing one room to connect to another. These systems are now being replaced by cloud-based software that is far less expensive, simpler to use even for the non-technical among us, and can be easily installed on standard desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Other cities and states around the US (Maine, Vermont, Texas, Alaska to name a few) already have videoconferencing in place, providing reference points and contacts for best practices and equipment for setup.

This shift opens up the possibility of connecting individuals remotely, whether they are across town or across the globe. This proposal would cover two medium-sized rooms in the Main Library, the Rossi and Rindge Rooms. Equipment would include a camera, display, and networking services. Potential uses of videoconferencing include:

  • Attending and participating in meetings
  • Attending online trainings
  • Remote participation of speakers for an event
  • Connecting with family and friends worldwide
  • Interviewing for a job


Video 1


Main Library

Main Library

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