Thirst-mobile: Water truck with free, cold water

Thirst-mobile: Water truck with free, cold water

Committee: Environment

Total Cost: $75,000

Location: At a community festival near you!


Short Description:

Have you ever been desperately thirsty at a community event? This water truck provides free, cold water at community events throughout Cambridge! The water truck would reduce the number of plastic water bottles clogging our trash cans.

Long Description:

We would all like to have more free drinking water available at community events in Cambridge. Right now, Cambridge uses the MWRA roving water fountain at large events; however, the City would like to be able to provide even more water via a water truck by purchasing one for Cambridge. If this proposal were funded, Cambridge would be able to provide safe, cool water to people attending large and small events throughout the city. You can also refill your own water bottle and avoid buying a plastic water bottle. This water truck could help cut down on plastic waste and save Cambridge residents money. Maybe you’ll see the truck at the next athletic event you go to in a Cambridge park and you can enjoy the high-quality water!




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