Public WiFi for Inman Square and Russell Field

Committee: Youth & Technology

Cost: $20,000

Location: Inman Square and Russell Field

Short Description: WiFi is essential to everyday life for many people. Installing access points to offer free WiFi in the public spaces surrounding Inman Square and Russell Field would benefit many Cambridge residents.

Long Description: Having WiFi access has become essential for many people, but there are many people who cannot afford it or just cannot connect due to building structure or location. Internet access is very important because times are changing and so is technology. The Cambridge Public School system is now requiring young people to work on computers and other devices to do homework, projects, PowerPoint presentations, and research and all of these tasks require an internet connection. Inman Square and Russell Field provide important points for meeting and gathering for Cambridge residents. Adding WiFi to Inman Square and Russell Field would make it more convenient for people to access internet and communicate as well as save people money.

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  • Anas Shaikh
    commented 2017-12-06 07:36:20 -0500
    I favour this idea because technology is widespread and most children/teens usually have phones by now. If an emergency occurs in the park they can use WiFi Calling from their mobile devices.
  • Willie Boag
    commented 2017-11-27 17:34:32 -0500
    Who would benefit the most from this project? If a kid has a project to work on, wouldn’t a library provide wifi as well as a quiet place to work indoors?