Making Danehy Friendlier and Healthier

Committee: Parks & Recreation

Cost: $140,000

Location: Danehy Park

Short Description: Danehy’s signage can be confusing. Fitness stations are hard to find and people work out on benches. The City will improve fitness options for adults, add seating in the dog park, and revamp signage to show everybody what Danehy has to offer.

Long Description: The adult fitness equipment at Danehy Park is outdated and as a result underutilized. Visitors will often turn to working out using the benches and tables in the park rather than attempting to locate the fitness park - this wears down seating surfaces and leads to more frequent repairs. A proposal for a new fitness park in Cambridge performed well on the PB ballot last year, and placing a new fitness park at one of the largest parks in the city would benefit a large community of people looking for an affordable way to stay healthy.

Despite being so large, the signage in Danehy Park can be difficult to locate, making it difficult to navigate. Particularly, the dog rules for the park are not clearly visible. This can lead to disagreements and arguments between park goers. This proposal would provide for a signage consultant to work with the city and reimagine the ways people navigate Danehy. Better signage would ensure that rules are communicated clearly and that people can locate all Danehy has to offer!




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