PB3 Budget Delegates Get to Work


Last week, over 50 volunteer Budget Delegates met for the first time at Budget Delegate Orientation at the Central Square Library.  There was great energy and enthusiasm in the room as they got to know each other through a high stakes game of bingo, learned more about the proposal development phase, and chose the committee they will work on this fall.


Their job over the next few months is to research all 548 ideas submitted by community members in June and July and distill and develop them into the final 20 proposals that will appear on the PB ballot in December.

Budget Delegates will be working in the following 5 committees from August through November:

  1. The 'Bridge Builders (Culture & Community Facilities)
  2. Health, Environment & Safety
  3. Parks & Recreation
  4. Streetsmarts (Streets, Sidewalks & Transit)
  5. Youth & Education

The Youth & Education committee will be based out of the Moore Youth Center and made up of youth delegates who will do this proposal development work as part of a broader, structured internship program this fall.

If you'd like to learn more about Budget Delegates' work and the proposal development process, please check back for more blog updates and download the Budget Delegate Guide here.

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