PB1 Project Implementation Update

Since fiscal year 2016 officially began for the City on July 1, 2015, departments are now able to use the $528,000 that was awarded through the pilot Participatory Budgeting process to get started on the winning projects. 

As projects come online, keep your eye out for this sticker!


Read on for a status update on the six winners...

1. 100 new trees: In June, Budget Delegates from the Environment, Public Health & Public Safety committee met with the Public Works Department’s (DPW) Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner for Engineering, and City Arborist to discuss plans for the trees and the public toilet. New trees wells will be created for all 100 trees, which will likely be planted in two batches (fall and spring). DPW will get back in touch once they have a draft plan for where each of the 100 trees will go and what signage might look like.

2. Central Square public toilet: DPW plans is to identify a handful of feasible locations in Central Square and take those back to the broader community in the fall, and then hopefully put the project out to bid in the spring. Some factors affecting location include safety and visibility, proximity to Mass. Avenue and transit, accessibility, and access to water, sewer, and electrical connections.

3. Bike repair stations: In June, Budget Delegates from the Streetsmarts Committee met with two Transportation Planners from the Community Development Department to discuss the design and locations of the 8 bike repair stations. The Delegates decided that the 8 locations should include: Alewife T stop area, Central Square near the post office, Danehy Park near Sherman Street, East Cambridge near the Valente Library, Inman Square near Vellucci Plaza, Memorial Drive near Western Avenue, North Point Park, and Porter Square. CDD will get back in touch once they complete initial site surveys.

4. Laptops for the Community Learning Center: After consulting with CLC staff, the Human Services IT Administrator is ready to order the laptops next week!

5. Bilingual books for kids learning English: The Agenda for Children Project Specialist will order the books soon and will provide details about the number and languages of the different books.

6. Free public Wi-Fi in 6 outdoor locations: IT is coordinating installation with the Electrical Department and has started to order the necessary equipment.

We'll continue to post updates, including photos, as we receive information from departments. 

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