Outdoor Body-Weight Fitness Equipment in Danehy Park ($65,000)

Danehy Park

Install outdoor body-weight fitness equipment for stretching, strength building, and plyometric exercises at Danehy Park.

Fitness is an important and worthy goal for residents of Cambridge. Moreover, Cambridge is lucky to have excellent parks and green spaces that encourage being outdoors and staying fit. Danehy Park currently provides ample opportunities for children’s play, team sports, and cardiovascular exercise. But the park currently lacks robust equipment for outdoor stretching and exercises for adults. Adding outdoor bodyweight fitness equipment would be an excellent, one-time improvement that would add value to Danehy Park and further encourage exercise and fitness. It would also be an excellent complement for runners and other leisure users of the park.

Placing fitness equipment in the park can encourage people to go outdoors and stay active. Moreover, the social nature of outdoor fitness equipment can also encourage residents to learn more about fitness and teach them how to stretch, exercise, and stay fit. This idea has been implemented in cities throughout the country and it would be great to add it to Cambridge.